Locations & Schedules

We have divided our pick-up/drop off locations in four main areas (Casco Viejo, Bella Vista, Marbella and Paitilla). Please click on the map that matches your accommodation area. If your hotel or apartment is not listed on the map please send us an email to check availability and pick up times. After you make an enquiry, we will send you a confirmation email with availability and exact time for your pick-up.

The arrival times to the airport are 7:00 am  and 15:45 pm.
The departure times from the airport heading to the city are 7:1o am and 16:00 pm.

For traffic issues in Panama City, our last shared shuttle leaves the airport at 16:00 pm. If your flight arrives outside these hours, please contact us for other options.

Casco Viejo Area
Paitilla, Marbella and Bella Vista Area